Blueberry Mint Fume Vape Ultra Flavors

The Fume Vape Ultra has an array of flavors and is great for those who want a vape that is easy to carry with them on the go. Popular flavors include Banana and Blueberry Mint. Blueberry Mint has a tart and sweet flavor that will satisfy vapers with a sweet tooth. Another favorite is Bubblegum, a classic flavor with added sweetness. You can also get a Pina Colada flavor.

Infinity Blueberry Mint

The Fume Ultra is an e-liquid that comes in two flavors, Blueberry and Mint. Both are tasty, and both have the same lasting power. The Fume Ultra is also available in a disposable version. It has a capacity of 2500 hits, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice.

Infinity Colada

Blueberry Mint Fume Vape Ultra Flavors

Fume’s Infinity Peach Iced e-liquid is a fruity tribute to ripe peaches. This vape juice combines nicotine and natural and artificial flavorings to give you a flavor that’s smooth and refreshing. The fruity taste is balanced with a cool, crisp finish, making this flavor a perfect choice for summertime.

Infinity Grapefruit

The Fume Infinity Vape Ultra offers a variety of flavors. The orange flavor is among the most popular, followed by the blueberry and black forest cake flavors. This fruity vape combines the taste of fruit and the nicotine in a vape pen that has a long-lasting effect. You can get approximately three thousand puffs from one stick, and the device is built with high-quality materials and a comfortable ergonomic design.

Infinity Mango

If you like mango and strawberries, you’ll love Fume Ultra. The fruity blend of these two fruits is both sweet and tart, making it a great choice for vaping. This vape juice has a 2,500 puff capacity and contains both nicotine and natural and artificial flavors. This fruity e-liquid will keep you satisfied for up to a week.

Infinity Strawberry

The Fume Vape Ultra Infinity Strawberry e-liquid is a mouth-watering tribute to an exotic fruit. This fruity vape is smooth and squirts luscious juices across the tongue. Its creamy splendor is an Asian-inspired twist on a fruity vape.

Infinity Orange

Fume Infinity disposable e-cigarettes are a great option if you’re looking for a convenient, disposable vaporizer. These devices are very easy to use. Simply remove the device from its packaging, remove the rubber cap from the mouthpiece, and inhale. Its simple draw and puff mechanism allows you to take a hit whenever you’re ready.

Infinity Lemon

If you’re a fan of the classic flavor of pink lemonade, you’ll love the Infinity Lemon fume vape ultra. This e-liquid is made with natural and artificial flavoring, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol, as well as nicotine. You won’t be able to resist its deliciously tart and sweet notes.